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Copyright for and 1 City Many People resides with @ Seedgen Ltd. is being launched to support the exhibition 1 City Many People, which is part of the 2010 London Festival of Architecture.

1 City Many People looks at various attempts that have been made to make buildings more accessible. A small handful of buildings are presented: there are several case studies to show how it is possible to retrofit improved accessibility into even ancient and highly sensitive buildings. There are also some brief comments on a handful of buildings that can be seen across the river from City Hall, plus City Hall itself.

The last section of this exhibition looks to the future. Beyond the ongoing struggle to upgrade existing buildings, the public realm also presents major challenges and opportunities.

This is a celebration of London's fantastic collection of buildings and the fact that, through the hard work of many people, these are increasingly accessible for everybody to experience first hand.

When the exhibition finishes this web site will continue to support the work of organisations promoting inclusive design.

In due course will offer various means for visitors to interact with and contribute to it - watch this space…

The detailed background notes to this site explain how the project evolved from an initial focus on just Tower Bridge to the exhibition 1 City, Many People, supported by

A composite thermal image of Tower Bridge, the Thames and Canary Wharf, taken from City Hall