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The Queen's House, National Maritime Museum, case study

The case study from Museums and Art Galleries by Adrian Cave, published by the Centre for Accessible Environments and RIBA Publishing, is accessed by clicking the PDF icon (opens in a new window). This also contains a bonus case study on the National Portrait Gallery.


The external ground level was lowered by a new, gently dished, semi-circular forecourt forming a shallow ramp down to this doorway. The axis of the building is emphasised by a tongue of paving leading directly down to the original entrance door. Inigo Jones' original door surround is still to be found on an inner wall. This now provides a clear and accessible entrance for all visitors from where the gallery tour starts.

Diane Haigh, formerly of Allies and Morrison (Architect)

Providing full accessibility into the Queen's House via the basement involved the installation of a lift into one of the most architecturally sensitive buildings in the country.

Adrian Cave (Access Consultant)

The new step free entrance at the Queen’s House. Photo copyright Jonathan Goldberg

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The new step free entrance at the Queen's House. Photo copyright Jonathan Goldberg