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There are a host of resources available to support anybody interested in inclusive design.

The Centre for Accessible Environments, a registered charity, has been particularly helpful to 1 City Many People. Its quarterly journal, Access by Design (available for a very modest subscription) and its publications such as Museums and Art Gallerties, published with RIBA Publishing have been very useful.

The RIBA videos as presented on this site are extremely informative.

English Heritage also offers two free and exceptionally useful publications that can either be requested in print or downloaded as PDF documents: Easy Access to Historic Landscapes and Easy Access to Historic Buildings.

There are many other support organisations, just a few of which are listed below:

The Sensory Trust is a charity shown both on the front page of this site and featured in the RIBA videos.

The Access Association is a UK support organisation for access professionals

Architecture Inside Out groups architects with disabled and deaf artists to explore innovative new ways of designing buildings and spaces.

The National Register of Access Consultants is a professional membership body containing details of qualified access consultants across the country.

Access Group Resources is a web site aimed at supporting community groups campaigning for better access and consulting on proposals.

RADAR is the Royal Association for Disability Rights and offers lots of useful information.

The Nationwide Access Register is a database of accessible places and businesses, set up by Direct Enquiries Limited with support from RADAR and the Employers Forum on Disability

Beyond the UK groups listed there are many more governmental, charitable and commercial organisations. Several relevant and very helpful consultants are listed in the acknowledgements page for this web site.

Many of these resources can be found in the listings of other more established web sites or via Google.

Beyond UK web sites and organisations there are a host of relevant blogs and international sites. There is also a vast pool of insightful information accessible via You Tube.

A front cover off of the journal, Access by Design Front page of the CAE publication, Making Existing Buildings Accessible: Museums and Art Galleries Front page of Easy Access to Historic Buildings Front page of Easy Access to Historic Landscapes DVD cover shot of the RIBA's inclusive design video

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