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The Roundhouse case study

The case study from Access by Design, Issue 119, Summer 2009, as generously supplied by the Centre for Accessible Environments is accessed by clicking on the PDF icon (opens in a new window)

The Roundhouse now has:

"The accessible features are part of the fundamental design, not an add-on or an afterthought."

Pauline Nee, John McAslan + Partners (Architect)

"Together, the two objectives - access for all young people and for a wide range of functions - allowed a strong business case for access to be argued. In its newly converted form, the Roundhouse should be up to the job for many years to come."

David Bonnett (Access Consultant)

"Why engage with disabled people about their access needs for a building project? Because disabled people are experts on their own needs. They face access issues every day, and often have creative ideas about how to deal with them."

Ian Jentle (Access Group Member)

With the lighting rig out of the way the main performance area can accommodate over 3,000 people standing. Photo by Hufton & Crow Extract from an architectural drawing by John McAslan + Partners

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