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St Paul's Cathedral case study

The case study from Access by Design, Issue 122, Spring 2010, as generously supplied by the Centre for Accessible Environments is accessed by clicking on the PDF icon (opens in a new window)

saintpauls.pdf A typical tourist photo of the front of Saint Paul's Cathedral Re-landscaping the South Churchyard has allowed wheelchair access to the cathedral Photo of visitor using an audio guide, courtesy of St Paul's Photo looking into the dome courtesy of St Paul's An access ramp in the Crypt at St Pauls. Photo by Sue Salton

"Work at the cathedral never stops: a two hundred year view is strategic; a twenty-year view is tactical; even 'temporary' may mean 'up to five years'."

John Penton MBE, Architect and Access Consultant.

 "The accessibility improvement project is still a work in progress. The experience for disabled visitors is much improved from ten years ago due to the belief of all concerned that an inclusive experience for everyone is a high priority."  

Brenda Wallman, Head of Access, City of London Corporation.

"The consultation process at all stages of the project has been stimulating, informative and creative; St Paul's owes a great debt to all those who contributed their views and advice."

Martin Stancliffe, Surveyor to the Fabric, St Paul's. Senior partner, Purcell Miller Tritton.

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To the left is a one fifth scale reproduction of a 2007 drawing of the American Chapel at St Paul's Cathedral. The red arrows identify proposed pedestrian flows following the installation of a hoist and improved access.

The drawing is the property of and was generously made available by St Paul's Cathedral.

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