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Below are a series of You Tube videos on Inclusive Design from the Royal Institute of British Architects


The Film is also shown at this RIBA site (opens in a new window) and will be screened silently with subtitles, throughout 1 City Many People)

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Part One. Roundhouse


1. The Client’s Brief

2. Introducing the Access Consultant

3. Role of the Architect

4. The Consultation Process

5. Role of the Access Consultant

5. Role of the Access Consultant continued

6. Inclusive Design Features at the Roundhouse

7. Conclusion: The Architect / Access Consultant / Client

Part Two. Eden


1. Considering the User

2. Role of the Designer

3. Involving the User

4. Inclusive Design Features at Eden

4. Inclusive Design Features at Eden continued

5. Conclusion: The Inclusive Environment

Part Three. The Willows


1. Role of the Architect

2. Inclusive Design Solutions

3. Supporting the Client

4. Consultation Methods

5. Introducing the Design and Access Statement

6. Conclusion: The Inclusive Approach

More about the videos from The Royal Institute of British Architects:

This film is intended to be a highly useful tool for student and practicing architects/designers, planners, clients and others involved in the built environment.

The role and relationship of the architects, the client, the user advisors, access consultants, and other members of the design team are examined in the film.  The film provides viewers with differing practical examples of inclusive design.

The film features three projects:

1. The Roundhouse in London, a Grade 2 Listed building, refurbished as a public Arts venue.

2. The Eden Project, in Cornwall, a well known, large-scale and complex visitor attraction.

3. And the Willows, in Wolverhampton, a new school under construction, that will bring together the population of a primary school, a special needs school, and a community facility on one integrated site.

How do we design a school environment for a local Somali population?

How do we turn a visually attractive venue such as Eden, into an enjoyable and worthwhile place for those who are visually impaired?

How do we reconcile a Grade 2 Listed Arts Venue into an accessible venue for wheelchair users, and maintain a highly fashionable and tempting place for young people?

The Film (with sound) and more information can be viewed at

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Project Funders: The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design

Project Lead: Royal Institute of British Architects

Project Partners: RCA, V&A and UoB

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